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Sweet Olives

The exceptional taste


Perfect for desserts and excotic taste experiences





Sweet Chestnut flour - pulverised sweet chestnuts

Kama - The different powder

Berrypowder - Highest quality and without additives many tastes like Black Currant, Sea buckthorn, Wild Blueberry and many upcoming tastes


Perfect for a further use in cereal, porridge, smoothies, frozen yogurth, icecream and many more tastes.

Are you looking for something that is not yet in our range of goods?


We are happy to search for a particular product or producer if you wish so. We are capable to find products all over the planet.


Who we are:


koestlichewelt.at or its presence in english, deliciousplanet.eu is a young Tyrolian company that searches for nutritional nicheproducts or how we call them: nutritional delights.

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